Drum Session w/Anthony Thompson of 24-7 Spyz

Drum Session w/Anthony Thompson of 24-7 Spyz

Pure Energy!

I had a fantastic drum session with Russ Irwin (Aerosmith) and Anthony Thompson (24-7 Spyz).
Anthony is the energetic backbone of the New York band 24-7 Spyz and has a truly unique style of playing.

Russ Irwin is an amazing multi-instrumentalist and composer that has written songs for Aerosmith, Foreigner, Scorpions, and Meat Loaf to name a few. Check him out at:

The Duo is working on a new album featuring songs they have written together over the years. I can say they’ve written some great songs and Russ’s melodies are infectious! I will definitely share more when they release these songs!

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