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Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear.

Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear.

Recording Studio Tools! Charlie’s Favorite Gear: Cloudlifter Zi

Recording studio los angeles Cloudlifter Zi

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to shoot some new video for the site. I’m excited to be back talking about some of my favorite recording studio tools. Over the past few months while I’ve been hiding in the studio a lot of cool gear has come through the doors but a few pieces have stood out. The Cloudlifter Zi is one of them.

As a studio owner it’s always beneficial to find gear that is versatile enough to be used in many applications. I need tools that help me get to the sounds I need as quick as I can and that I can use on every session. The Cloudlifter Zi is one of these pieces of gear.

Bass was the first instrument (obviously!) I used it on and man was I happy. Good player+good bass+Zi= great tone! Add in the variably impedance and I’m able to dial in the perfect tone.


Like I said before I like recording studio tools that are versatile. I have used the Zi on quite a few of my drum sessions as well. Quite often I like to put a dynamic mic right in front of the kit pointed at the ceiling and crush it with guitar pedals. The signal chain goes through the Zi and I use the variable impedance and high-pass filter to tweak the tone to taste.

I have done a similar setup with vocals too. Where I have a second mic setup running through a guitar pedal and the Zi.

The Zi has become one of my favorite recording studio tools and I use it on almost every session. Check out the Cloudlifter Zi from Cloudlifter microphones!


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