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Ultimate Studios, Inc Turns 2!

Ultimate Studios, Inc Turns 2!

It was just over 2 years ago when I set out to build a new studio. I had completely outgrown the studio I had in Hollywood and needed a LOT more room. It took us just about 3 months to complete the build including running all the wiring through the walls. It was a HUGE undertaking and I enjoyed every minute of it. Although I do enjoy it much more now that it’s finished! 🙂

A big thanks to Mike Bondra, my contractor, for making this happen. Without him I wouldn’t have a studio. He took my design and made it come to life while at the same time he somehow was able to deal with me and my OCD during the process. We basically spent everyday for over 2 months together and somehow didn’t kill each other!

I also put my partner Ernetso Homeyer to work and without he and Scott Francisco no audio would pass through the rooms. Because of you guys I now know how to wire and Elco patchbay! My gorgeous girlfriend Lizzy Ostro put up with long hours (15-18 hour days) seven days a week and she even helped me hang drywall. She did so much work on the studio that she could probably build one by herself now!

I would like to thank each and every musician, producer, composer, and company that has worked with me at the studio over the past two years. You have helped me make Ultimate Studios, Inc a success and it has been a pleasure working with you all!

Ultimate Studios, Inc Owner, Engineer, and Producer Charlie Waymire

Charlie Waymire in is natural environment

To celebrate the 2 year birthday of the new studio I’m going to post a bunch of photos from the build and add a new one each day on the Ultimate Studios, Inc Facebook page. Here are a few to get started and check the Facebook page each day for more! Be sure to “like” us too!

I look forward to working with everyone to make more great music in 2015!




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