Drum Cover Killer Video Package

Drum Cover Killer Video Package


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There is no doubt that having killer looking and sounding video is an absolute must in today’s music business. We’re not talking iPhone video. We’re talking fantastic looking video that grabs peoples attention and gets you the recognition that you deserve.

How many videos have you seen that are literally inaudible? LOTS! We’re here to end that. At Ultimate Studios, Inc we take great pride in recording the best sounding drums in LA and that’s just what we’ll do for you. Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire is one of the best in LA when it comes to drum sounds and, being a drummer himself, takes great pride in helping drummers achieve the sounds they have always dreamed of.

To help you promote yourself we have put together a killer 4 hour studio package that will give you exactly what you need to build your drumming portfolio and show prospective employers your skills. If this sounds like what you need then it’s time you contacted us!

Call us at: (818) 308-4553 or
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for details and to set up your Drum Cover Killer Video Package session today!


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