Behind the Scenes with Chad Smith

Behind the Scenes with Chad Smith

Yesterday we posted video of Chad & Kevin tracking “Eagle Eye”. Today we bring behind the scenes footage from the session.

As far as sessions go it went pretty smooth. Working with professional musicians like Chad & Kevin make my job as an engineer pretty easy. Kevin and I had talked quite a bit in the weeks leading up to the session so I had a pretty good idea on what type of tones they wanted.

We decided to use a vintage Rogers Holiday kit restored by a good friend of mine Kurt Berger and drum whisperer Chris Heuer. It is a truly amazing drum set. I love all of my kits but that kit just has the “it” factor. It really is amazing.

Kevin brought his Mark Bass rig which is a piece of cake to record. Although Kevin could make any bass rig sound good the Mark Bass is bad ass.

All in all this was a really fun day in the studio. Tarja joined us via Skype from Buenos Aires and stayed on for the entire session. Once we’d get a track we would also send them an MP3 to listen to. This is one of the great ways that technology has made our lives better. It was an international session!

Tarja is a wonderful person and an amazing artist. Check the new album out at Links to purchase the album are below.

Anyway let’s get to the video! I’ll post a full list of the mics used and a few photos below too.




The Brightest Void
Tarja CD DigipakTarja 1LP+DownloadTarja iTunes


Microphone List

  • Kick In: MXL A55 kicker
  • Kick Out: Studio Projects CS5
  • Snare Top: SM57
  • Snare Bottom: SM57
  • Snare Side: Cascade Fathead II
  • Hats: Audio-Technica ATM450
  • Rack Toms: Heil PR30
  • Floor Toms: Audio-Technica AT4047
  • Ride: Audio-Technica ATM450
  • Overheads: Audio-Technica AT4060 Tube Mics
  • Mono Room: Cascade Knucklehead Ribbon Mic
  • Stereo Rooms: Audio-Technica AT4080 Ribbon Mics
  • Stereo Wide Rooms: Audio-Technica AE3000

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    In Session w/Chad Smith!

    In Session w/Chad Smith!

    Some sessions are fun…and then some sessions are FUN!

    Few drummers can lay down a groove like Chad Smith. Few bass players can lay down a groove like Kevin Chown. Together, they form an unstoppable rhythm section. For most musicians watching them work together would be the ultimate educational experience.

    They are not only masters at their crafts but they understand that music is made by collaboration. By working together, they create parts they lay the foundation for great music.

    Now mix that formidable rhythm section with rock superstar, Tarja Turunen, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album!

    Eagle Eye“, from Tarja’s new album “The Brightest Void“, is a track that features Chad Smith on drums. We filmed the entire session (almost 10 hours!) and have put together an awesome, in-studio, music video feature Chad & Kevin with the final audio from the album!

    Tomorrow we’ll roll out some behind the scenes footage from the session so stay tuned!


    The Brightest Void
    Tarja CD DigipakTarja 1LP+DownloadTarja iTunes


    Tarja Turunen
    “Eagle Eye”


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    Drum Cover Killer Video Package

    Drum Cover Killer Video Package


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    There is no doubt that having killer looking and sounding video is an absolute must in today’s music business. We’re not talking iPhone video. We’re talking fantastic looking video that grabs peoples attention and gets you the recognition that you deserve.

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    Lots Of Great Music Happening @ Ultimate Studios, Inc!

    Lots Of Great Music Happening @ Ultimate Studios, Inc!

    The best way to make great music is to work with great musicians. And that’s exactly what’s been happening at the studio! In our ongoing quest to bring great music to music lovers all over the world we’ve been trying to capture as many performances on video as possible. This is just the beginning!



    “We’ve been hard at work on some really exciting projects that we’ll be releasing very soon. Both audio and video. I’m extremely excited and can’t wait to get this stuff out to music lovers everywhere!”, says Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire

    We’ve put together a playlist of some recent live studio performances. We hope you enjoy them and feel free to share!!!



    Join Ultimate Studios, Inc on your favorite social media sites!

    Ultimate Studios, Inc on Facebook

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    Check Out The Studio Video Tour!

    Check Out The Studio Video Tour!

    Here’s a quick video tour of Ultimate Rhythm Studios. When you’re ready to start your next recording contact us to schedule a visit and book some studio time!






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    Record Your Music Now!

    Record Your Music Now!

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    “I believe the recording process and the final product should be as unique as the artist themselves are. There is no one size fits all approach to recording and I try to capture the essence of every artist right from the start.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.



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    Ultimate Rhythm Studios can accommodate everything from a single artist, to full bands tracking live. The 600sq ft. live room sounds fantastic and has quickly become home to many great musicians around LA. No matter how small or big your session is, Ultimate Rhythm Studios is your musical home away from home. The vibe is awesome and the sound quality is second to none. From hourly sessions, to day rates, to our Recording Artist Packages, we have something that will fit everyone’s project and budget!

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    What are clients of Ultimate Rhythm Studios Saying?

    “Charlie is a consummate pro not only on drums but as an engineer. I personally use a lot of horns in my recordings and Charlie has been very creative in bringing my sound vision to life. I’ve had nothing but “great” recordings out of this studio.” Leslie Jones of Right Hand Rule

    “This was my first time personally working with him and it has been a blast. I am looking forward to working with him in the future! Charlie thanks for all the hard work and great sounds you mixed for Dankrupt, We are truly grateful!!” Tim Canton – Drummer/Dankrupt

    “Charlie is full of inspiration and life and his personality completely reflects on his work! I have had the oppurtunity to track drums for many songs at his studio for my projects and I can guarantee that the final product has always been some of the best drum sounds I have heard. I can’t wait to hear what he’ll bring to the table as a mixing/drum engineer in the future!” Sandesh a.k.a. The Sonic Chameleon, Guitarist/Composer

    Clients in their own words:

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    New Paiste Video Filmed At Ultimate Rhythm Studios! (w/video)

    New Paiste Video Filmed At Ultimate Rhythm Studios! (w/video)

    Paiste’s video for the new Signature Precision series features: John Robinson, Franklin Vanderbilt, Dean Butterworth, and Jason Sutter. Four of the worlds best drummers show off this impressive new line of cymbals from Paiste.

    The video was shot and recorded at Ultimate Rhythm Studios and produced by Look for a details on the recording soon at!


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    Pro Performance Videos

    The Music Business Has Changed.
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    Pro Performance Video

    Pro Performance Video

    In this rapidly changing music business you need to separate yourself from the other musicians to succeed. Video is the key to marketing yourself so why not make it the best.


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    I offer professional HD multi camera video and multi track audio recording, edited, with titles and banners added. Just bring the tracks you want to perform with and I’ll do the rest. I have created videos for Drum Magazine, MXL microphones, Paiste Cymbals, and many others. Build your online presence with professional performance videos.

    Contact Us for more information and to schedule a session!


    Check out the Pro Performance Video promo video below and visit the Ultimate Rhythm Studio Youtube Page for more videos!

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    An Afternoon In The Studio Turns Heavy!

    An Afternoon In The Studio Turns Heavy!

    One day it’s a ballad, the next day it’s a funk tune. You just never know but on one particularly sunny day in Hollywood Charlie, Ernesto and Menno went a little insane and this is the result. A little hint…it’s not a ballad and it’s not a funk tune. Enjoy!

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    Paiste Day LA 2011 Concert Mixed @ URS

    Performances by Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande

    Paiste Day 2011

    In January Paiste Cymbals held their first “Paiste Day LA” event at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. This was an all day extravaganza featuring amazing performances by two amazing Brazilian drummers; Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande.

    The video footage from the Concert Hall at Musicians Institute looks amazing and Paiste Cymbals commissioned Charlie’s (also a Paiste Artist) services to mix the audio and prepare the videos for web deployment.

    The blazing performances by Aquiles and Eloy were deeply musical. Drawing from their Brazilian heritage, these guys bring new meaning to modern drum set performance. The musical application of sound colors they roll with is at the same time frightening, and inspiring. To have these magnificent virtuoso performers in our Family of Paiste Artists, is truly spectacular. Thank you guys for a night that we will always remember.

    Here is the first video installment of our recent PAISTE DAY L.A. event held at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

    Read Paiste News Release
    View full HD video on Paiste’s YouTube Channel

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