Tips & Tricks – Basic Guitar Micing pt3 (w/video)

“Tips & Tricks” is a new video series from Ultimate Rhythm Studios that is aimed to help you learn how to make better recordings. We’re kicking off the “Tips & Tricks” series talking about guitars!

In part 2 Charlie and Ernesto showed you how to use two microphones to get a full guitar tone and give you a lot of tonal options. In part 3 they will use condenser mics to record a full and open guitar sound.

Setup #1 is a single MXL v67i. It is placed at different angles and pointed at different spots of the cone to demonstrate the different sound option and is running through the Toft ATB24 console with no eq.

Setup #2 combines an MXL v67i with an Audio Technica AE3000 condenser. Both are running through the Toft ATB24 with no eq.

Download the 48k/24bit files Here.

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Basic Guitar Micing pt3


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