View All 3 Trident 88 Teaser Videos!

The new Trident 88 console has been working overtime since being installed a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been completely blown away with how this Trident 88 sounds both while mixing and tracking and are excited to show you this fantastic console!



I am extremely excited to have the Trident 88 at Ultimate Studios, Inc. Whether I’m tracking drums, guitar, bass or mixing the Trident 88 just makes everything better. There is a reason why some of the best rock records of all time were recorded on Trident consoles and the new Trident 88 is destined to continue that tradition!” says Ultimate Studios, Inc owner and engineer Charlie Waymire.


Check out the 3 Trident 88 teaser videos below and be sure to follow Ultimate Studios, Inc on YouTube! Learn more about the Trident 88 at




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