recording drums with 1 microphone

Recording Drums w/1 Microphone



I know what you’re thinking. Do we really need to talk about recording drums, or any instrument for that matter, with 1 microphone again?


Capturing any source with one 1 mic allows you to really learn about what you’re recording. Especially on a drum set which has many different parts. By focusing on using 1 mic you’ll learn to get the most of each mic you put on a kit.

In short, you’re multiple mic setups will become more effective by understand how to use only 1 mic.

This video is an excerpt from one of my Live Broadcast Seminars. I’m going to use a single Audio-Technica AT4047 to capture our drum sound. The big focus will be on using mic placement, specifically the height, to act as a natural eq.

Find some time this week to pic a microphone out of your mic locker and try this out in your recording space. I promise you what you’ll learn will make your recordings better!

Happy recording!


Posted by Charlie


Hi Charlie !

That’s deeply impressive ! Even with one mic you get a strong and powerful drum sound !
My drum kit is much bigger (5 toms, 2 snares, quite some cymbals), but I will definitively give it a try when I move to my new house soon !

That’s very inspiring and I thank you for that !

Hey Florian!

Give it a try! You would be surprised how much you can get with 1 mic. Even with a bigger kit. It’s also a great way to glue your close mic sounds together and make the drums feel like one instrument.

Happy recording,

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