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New Recording Studio Trailer!

New Ultimate Studios, Inc Recording Studio Trailer

Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Video Production. Yes of course we do all of these things. Ultimate Studios, Inc is a full service recording studio in Los Angeles.

Recording drums is our specialty, we have fantastic vocal microphones to capture your voice perfectly, or maybe you’re in need of a great sounding Voice Over? Yep, we have you covered.

Our live recording room is perfect for recording full bands, BIG drums, strings, live streaming events, and more. The new recording studio trailer demonstrates everything we can do for you in just over a minute!

But that is really only the tip of the iceberg of what we do…

“I’ve been a musician for a long time. I’ve been in many band, signed to a label, and played the sideman roll for many artist so I’ve seen the struggles first hand that many artists go through with trying to not only record but release their music to the world.”

“As a producer and engineer I’ve been able to do more to help artists not only with the actual music and video production but in the planning of their projects as well. Whether it’s recording a single, ep, album, video project or promoting your music after the recording, my team and I really try to help artists with ALL aspects of their career. We really are here to help” says Producer Charlie Waymire.

Watch the Recording Studio Trailer!


Learn More about Recording, Mixing, Mastering, and Video Production at Ultimate Studios, Inc.

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Even if you’re only in the planning stages please feel free to contact us and see how we can assist you through out the entire process. Good planning can save a lot of time and make your sessions run smoothly. If you’re in need of musicians for your recordings we have access to some of the best musicians in Los Angeles.

Ultimate Studios, Inc is an affordable recording studio in Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Panorama City, and North Hollywood. Led by Producer/Engineer Charlie Waymire, our team assists artists through the entire creative process
including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production. We also have partners that can assist in web development, SEO, branding, Facebook & Google Ads, and social media management.

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