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Microphone Virtual Showroom

Roswell Pro Audio hosted their microphone Virtual Showroom at Ultimate Studios, Inc.

live stream production at ultimate studio inc los angeles

The pandemic has pushed us to find new ways to demonstrate gear. While Ultimate Studios, Inc is an official showroom for Roswell Pro Audio the pandemic has made it harder to do in-studio microphone demos.

Harnessing our live-streaming capabilities we helped Roswell Pro Audio develop a Virtual Showroom live stream that allows us to demonstrate how their microphones sound on a variety of sources. In real-time to engineers and producers anywhere in the world!

Iron Point recording at Ultimate Studios Inc for Roswell Pro Audio Virtual Showroom
Iron Point recording EP1-3

To date we have some 4 episodes. In the first 3 episode, featuring LA Rock band Iron Point, we recorded a full song using just 3 Roswell mics and 1 from MicrParts (Matt McGlynn’s other mic business). The Mini K87, Mini K47, Mini K47 KD and the MicParts SDC84. We tracked acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, bass, drums and percussion. All live!

Gabby Gordon recording EP4

Episode 4 featured singer-songwriter Gabby Gordon on Piano and Vocals. We used 2 other Roswell mics for this Virtual Showroom live stream. The Colares and Delphos.

These Virtual Showrooms not only allow us to demonstrate the microphones in real-time all over the world but we can interact with viewers and answer questions. It’s a virtual studio hang!

Watch all 4 episodes on Youtube or view below.
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