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Mixing w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

Mixing w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

Leslie Jones of Right Hand Rule was back at Ultimate Studios, Inc remixing the bands single, a cover of Bill Withers’ Use Me, off the bands debut EP. This remix is made for the radio and will be the bands first real push on the airwaves.



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jones for a long, long time. First as the drummer in his band and now as his recording and mixing engineer. There are few people in this business that I respect as much as Mr. Jones. Not only is he an extremely talented actor and musician, he’s also and amazing person. Right Hand Rule is a direct reflection of Leslie’s diversity and I highly recommend catching them in concert when you have the chance. Mr. Jones in part of my musical family and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.” says Engineer Charlie Waymire.

The mixing is finished and now moves on to mastering engineer Ernesto Homeyer before it’s pushed out to radio. We’ll let you know when “Use Me” hits the airwaves. In the meantime hop on over to iTunes and get your copy of Right Hand Rule’s debut EP!

Check out this fantastic interview with Leslie Jones!

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From The Control Room w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

From The Control Room w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

Leslie Jones of Right Hand Rule stopped by the studio recently for an interview. He discusses working at Ultimate Rhythm Studios, the writing process, playing multiple instruments, and other insights about Right Hand Rule. The band features Leslie Jones (vocals/percussion/sax/flute), Pharoah Barrett (bass/vocals), Rob Thrall (guitars), Scott McPike (drums), and Mo Beeks (keys), as well as a horn section.


Right Hand Rule has just release their debut, self-titled, EP and is available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and CD Baby (hard copy available on CD Baby!)

Be sure to visit the Ultimate Rhythm Studios YouTube channel and subscribe!

From The Control Room w/Leslie Jones


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Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

Right Hand Rule Tracks Last Song Of New Album

The boys in Right Hand Rule were back in the studio this week tracking the final song for their upcoming album. With all the rhythm tracks finished all that’s left is lead guitar, some percussion and vocals. It’s been a long road finishing up this album but it’s definitely going to be worth it!

“Working with Leslie Jones and Right Hand Rule is always a pleasure. He has a group of musicians, that when they play together, have a very unique vibe and sound. Very much like the groups from the 60’s & 70’s where the sum was greater than the parts. To me that is what makes a band unique. When you put a group of musicians together and they create a unique sound that only happens when that group is together. It’s special. says engineer Charlie Waymire

Here are a few links to Right Hand Rule on the net:

Right Hand Rule Facebook Page
Right Hand Rule ReverbNation Page
Right Hand Rule on Twitter

Mo Beeks

Mo Beeks - Keyboards

Rob, Pharaoh, Jones

Rob, Pharaoh & Mr. Jones



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Right Hand Rule Horn Section Lays It Down

Right Hand Rule Horn Section Lays It Down

Right Hand Rule, featuring the uber talented Leslie “Mister” Jones, have been working on their new EP over the last couple of months with the most recent session featuring a fantastic horn section. David Urquidi, Sam Williams, Carlos Centeno and Leslie Jones. Right Hand Rule’s arrangements are a wide open canvas of anything goes which makes for some very interesting music and some very interesting recording sessions.

“This was such a fun session! We’ve been recording most of Leslie’s horn parts one at a time so it was great to be able to capture these guys as a group.” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Heres an excerpt from the “Skool Me” horn section session session. Enjoy!

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