Mixing for Taiwanese Artist “Mixer”

Mixing for Taiwanese Artist “Mixer”

Last year I had the wonderful pleasure of going to Taiwan and putting on several recording clinics with studios in Taipei and Kaohsiung along with my partners in crime Hao and Tao. Well they have opened up Ultimate Studios, Inc Taiwan and this year I got to mix a project they produced at their brand new studio.

The grammy winning band Mixer worked a new tracked at Ultimate Studios, Inc TW and was Mixed and Mastered here at Ultimate Studios, Inc in Los Angeles by myself and Ernesto Homeyer. They shot a new music video as well and a full behind the scenes video of the entire recording process along with Warm Audio.

It was so much fun having the chance to work on this track with them and the new studio. It’s a really cool band (even if you don’t speak Mandarin the melody is catchy!!) and I wish them all the best!

Have a look and a listen below!


Lyrics | Sheng Hao
Composition | Ann
Arranger | ???Mixer
Vocal | Sheng Hao
Drum | Vincent
Bass | Eno
Guitar | Ann
Guitar | Bosy
Producer | Tao
Recording Engineer | Hao
Mixing Engineer | Charlie Waymire
Sound Designer | Steven
Mastering Engineer | Ernesto Homeyer
Mastering Studio | Ultimate Studios Inc.
Powered by Warm Audio
Director | Sheng Hao
Videographer | Bosy / Kyte / Choerhchun
Editor | Bosy / Kyte
Typography | Bosy / Kyte

Music Video

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New Single from Rikki – “Young Love”

New Single from Rikki – “Young Love”

I once again had the pleasure of working with singer Rikki mixing her new single. Rikki has a wonderful voice and this song has a cool retro type vibe. The arrangement is simple and fun. Perfect for Rikki’s playful melodies.

Give it a listen below and support upcoming artists by purchasing at iTunes or streaming as many times as you can! 🙂


Get “Young Love” at Apple, Amazon, or Google.

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Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

Last Great Nation releases “The Black Pilgrimage”

It’s time to get HEAVY!

I had the chance to reunite with my Speak No Evil cohort Greg Weiss and House of Zombie 8 string slinger brother Dan Yob to work Last Great Nation’s new release EP “The Black Pilgrimage”. This EP is NOT for the faint of heart. LGN weaves its way through heavy riffs and odd-time signatures while still making it possible to bang your head. It’s incredible really.

We tracked the drums and guitars here at Ultimate Studios, Inc and I had the wonderful privilege of mixing the EP as well. Mastering duties went to my USI partner Ernesto Homeyer.

Greg and Dan are top notch musicians and have written a seriously awesome EP. I was honored to get to work with them and I really hope you all enjoy these songs.

Check Last Great Nation out at: www.lastgreatnation.com

Buy the EP on iTunes

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Mixing w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

Mixing w/Leslie Jones (w/video)

Leslie Jones of Right Hand Rule was back at Ultimate Studios, Inc remixing the bands single, a cover of Bill Withers’ Use Me, off the bands debut EP. This remix is made for the radio and will be the bands first real push on the airwaves.



“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jones for a long, long time. First as the drummer in his band and now as his recording and mixing engineer. There are few people in this business that I respect as much as Mr. Jones. Not only is he an extremely talented actor and musician, he’s also and amazing person. Right Hand Rule is a direct reflection of Leslie’s diversity and I highly recommend catching them in concert when you have the chance. Mr. Jones in part of my musical family and I can’t wait to hear what’s next.” says Engineer Charlie Waymire.

The mixing is finished and now moves on to mastering engineer Ernesto Homeyer before it’s pushed out to radio. We’ll let you know when “Use Me” hits the airwaves. In the meantime hop on over to iTunes and get your copy of Right Hand Rule’s debut EP!

Check out this fantastic interview with Leslie Jones!

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Statues of Cats EP Released!

Statues of Cats EP Released!






Rock Band Statues of Cats Release Debut EP!

Los Angeles, California – October 8, 2013 – Rock band Statues of Cats have just released their debut EP, “Memorabilia”, on 80/20 Records. The band recorded and mixed the EP at Ultimate Rhythm Studios in Los Angeles with engineer Charlie Waymire. The mastering was done by Ernesto Homeyer at Ultimate Rhythm Studios. With a vibe similar to Kings of Leon and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Statues of Cats give you a mix of rock, funk, good grooves, and fantastic vocals! “Memorabilia” is sure to earn its place in just about anyone’s collection.

Statues of Cats recording at Ultimate Rhythm Studios

Statues of Cats recording their debut EP!

Statues of Cats consists of David Hauge (vocals/guitars), Jonney Machtig (guitars/vocals), Dan Rojas (bass/vocals), and Anthony Salazar (drums/vocals). The approach for this 5 song EP was much different than the typical recording process in this day and age. Where as a lot of music made now is piece mailed together, SOC and engineer Charlie Waymire wanted “Memorabilia” to be done organically with as much “feel” as possible. “We had everyone in the room playing together, live. We even kept the scratch vocal on one of the songs because David sang his heart out on that take. What you hear on this EP is 4 guys having fun and playing music together. The energy is contagious” says engineer Charlie Waymire.

Statues of Cats is not your run of the mill rock band. They aren’t afraid to play a heavy rock riff on one song and then follow it up with a funk tune. The band was featured on an episode of FullOnDrums.com during tracking and gave a live performance of “Valley of the Sun”. They are currently working on tour dates for the fall.


“Memorabilia” is available on iTunes!


Ultimate Rhythm Studios is a one stop shop production facility for artists and bands to collaborate, create, and record. Ultimate Rhythm Studios’ team will assist the artists through the entire creative process including recording, mixing, mastering, and video production. Our ultimate goal is to help bands and artists build a strong brand for a lasting career.


Press Contacts:
Contact Statues of Cats at:

Contact Ultimate Rhythm Studios:
Charlie Waymire
(818) 308-4553

Statues of Cats on FullOnDrums.com

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New Right Hand Rule Mixing Complete!

New Right Hand Rule Mixing Complete!

The Right Hand Rule crew has been busy the past couple of months working on their new EP. From Rock to Funk to R ‘n B. It’s all on this EP! (excuse the rhyming)

All the tracking and mixing was done by engineer Charlie Waymire at Ultimate Rhythm Studio.


“We had a great time with this round of songs. We took our time to get everything right and did a lot of experimenting. The band sounded great which made my job easy.” says Waymire.

Check out the Right Hand Rule Facebook Page for more updates!

Video clip from a Right Hand Rule horn session. Enjoy!

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Songwriter Graham Harper In The Studio

Songwriter Graham Harper In The Studio

Graham Harper is a young and talented singer/songwriter from Northern California. He has been recording his first single here at Ultimate Rhythm Studio with a fantastic band featuring drummer Nathan Carter, bassist Kurt Blankenship and Keyboardist Ronnie Moreno.

Tracking is almost done and mixing should be finished in the next couple of weeks. We’ll have audio up as soon as possible but in the meantime check out Graham’s Official Facebook Page and enjoy a few photos below.

Graham Harper

Graham Harper

GH Sessions - Nathan Carter & Kurt Blankenship

GH Sessions - Nathan Carter & Kurt Blankenship

GH Sessions - Nate Carter

GH Sessions - Nate Carter

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KYNG – “Trampled Sun”

KYNG – “Trampled Sun”

Kyng Release “Trampled Sun”


Kyng - "Trampled Sun"

Kyng - "Trampled Sun"

Charlie mixed 3 songs (“I Don’t Believe”, “Pushing & Pulling” and “Between the Blame”) on Kyng’s “Trampled Sun” (RealiD Records) which hit stores late last year and has been tearing up the airwaves.

“This band is right up my alley” says Charlie. “Heavy, melodic and REAL! Eddie has some serious pipes and great melodic sensibilities that put him right up there with the greats. I’ve known Pepe for a while and always new he could punish a kit but what he and Tony are doing on this record is simply crushing! I’m honored to have been given the opportunity to work with these cats. Now go buy the record!”


Some Kyng links for your musical enjoyment!

Kyng’s Official Website
Kyng’s Facebook Page
Kyng’s YouTube Page

Here’s a taste of “I Don’t Believe”

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